A taster menu of my long format projects.


The Lost Patrol

A war weary group of GI’s who are sent into a French Village to find out why a previous patrol disappeared soon find themselves fighting for their lives against a family of vampires.



A Black Comedy about Ned Ludd,  a painter…and decorator, who returns home to discover his wife Angela has left him for someone more ambitious, his failed attempts to win back his childhood sweetheart send him spiraling into depression.  Ned is sent by his best friend Pete to Vuforia who implant Ned with smart contact lenses and erase Angela from his vision using diminished reality.  But when Ned continues to hear, smell, and touch Angela in their close nit town, and then discovers that the man she left him for was Pete, Ned realises that out of sight isn’t necessarily out of mind, and seeks the ultimate revenge in a society where vanity is everything.


Black Lake Hotel

A horror about an unemployed actor who is selected for a reality TV show in a haunted house to compete for a winner takes all $100,000.  But when he is attacked, by a malevolent force, he realizes the house is haunted for real and must convince the other contestants that it isn’t a game and that they should leave before they are all killed.


A horror about Sam and Rachel Harmon who are searching for their missing son Joe when they crash their car in an abandoned village and are terrorized by a gang of kids. They discover that their missing son is part of the gang and they must escape from the feral children and convince Joe to come with them without being captured and brutally murdered.



Jodi, an Ice-Road trucker becomes stranded in the wilderness and must face her inner demons in order to survive.