Ikea Living Room Shoot

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DAY 2…

A lot more banging and then a lot more rehearsals! Shouldn’t that chroma cloth be green?

This spot was 35″ but again because of the technicalities we spilt it up, this time into three bitesize pieces. Here’s the last shot where the camera comes around from behind some shelving units to reveal the new living room layout and the family at was in their new environment. All the foreground elements we shot on separate layers so that we could determine the correct length for each section of the spot in the end. To see more check out



Ikea Kitchen Shoot

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Shooting for Ikea in Jeddah was an experience that I will never forget.

It reminded me of the commercials I was shooting around 15 years ago in Bucharest – It was wild and untamed and it was great!

We had a technically challenging couple of scripts where we have around 30 changes of set within one camera movement. This meant plenty of time for prep and rehearsals.

We split the 45″ spot into two halves to make the execution more manageable. The first half we see the ikea workers clear out the dingy old set and then there’s a wipe just before the table gets flipped. Most of the set effects are real but we did throw in some CG where it just wasn’t possible to do it in live action – Like the table and chairs flipping and the cooker hood descending. I have my good friends at Studioset to thank for the CG and all the hours and hours of re-tounching – great job!

The set itself and all the mechanics and tricks were design by Corvin Cristain and myself – working remotely and with a local set designer worked out great in the end. All credit goes to the local production company, Made in Saudi, who supported me through the whole process and gave 100% to make the best possible end product for their client.

One huge battle we faced was the size of the two sets in the one studio. Given the task at hand it meant that we needed at least double the normal space around the set in order to put the lights and have room to move the set pieces in and out during shot. Unfortunately we had at least half the necessary space so by the end of two days of shooting, the studio had been completely devastated! The local cast were very good indeed, and stuck with it on what turned out to be two late nights/early mornings!

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